Argon One v3 Not Powering On

I just purchased a Pi 5, the v3 case, and the argon one pi 5 power supply. I built and rebuilt the thing several times. The pi by itself powers up fine with the power supply. Fully assembled and in the case, it refuses to power up on the pi 5 power supply. When I use my pi 4 power supply, it boots up just fine. I have the jumper in always on mode. Using the Pi 4 power supply I was able to run the case scripts fine. Any thoughts on what to do to make the pi 5 work in the v3 case with the pi 5 power supply? I’ve seen several others have similar issues, but trying everything else has not helped me with my issue. I don’t think it’s an assembly issue, as it works perfectly with the pi 4 power supply.

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It looks like, that the PD (power delivery) negotiation between the PMIC at the case and the power supply doesn’t worked right.

This could be only a timing issue, but also a indication that the power supply or the case pcb is faulty. Because you get it to work with the power supply from the RPi4, I would try to exchange the RPI5 power supply.

The only thing you could check before.


I had a lot of trouble getting it to power up at first. Make sure you line up the USB C port on the daughter board with the RPI5, then make sure the micro HDMI are lined up, but apply most of the force on the side where the USB C port until you hear it click into place. There is a convenient notch on that side by which to push. It takes more force than expected but once you hear the “click”, you are good to go. It took me three tries to figure that out.


I’m not sure whose advice was the ticket, but I disassembled and resembled everything, changed the jumper, and it seems to be working now! Thanks for the advice. Glad this forum exists.


You really saved me from a big disappointement, thanks a lot!

This is really strange that even when the two cards are connected, all the screws on and all the USB-C and HDMI connectors seems not all engaged…

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It really takes more force than expected, there is definitely a lot of resistance on the USB C port. Glad my observation was able to help.