Alternative/Replacement Fan for EON


I realized I had posted this in the ONE instead of the EON subforum so I’m reporting here.

Essentially, I’m not real happy with the noise from the stock fan. I planned on keeping the EON on my desk and it’s pretty loud with the fan running. I have three of the Argon ONE cases and that little 30mm fan is much quieter than the 60mm fan in my EON.

I’ve been experimenting with the fan settings and my experience has been that there is not much difference in the amount of noise whether the fan is set to 5, 10, 25, 50, or 75. At 100, it gets a little louder but not much.

The current fan dimensions are 60x10 and has a PH2.0 connector. I wanted to replace it with a Noctua fan but the only 60mm options they have are all 25mm deep. With two 3.5" drives, there is no fitting that in the EON. In fact, I’m not even sure if a 60x15 fan would fit.

I did find some 60x10 fans but almost all of them were brands I’ve never heard of, came with either PH2.54 or three-pin motherboard connectors, and were sleeve bearings. Of course the current connector could be cut and replaced with a PH2.0 but I’m not very confident that these unknown brands would be any quieter.

I’m curious if anyone else has had any success locating a suitable replacement fan. I also interested if anyone has explored alternatives (two 40mm fans, for example).


How is you fan configured right now? I do not hear mine unless it is booting. I have mine at the default settings.

cat /etc/argononed.conf

# Argon One Fan Speed Configuration
# Min Temp=Fan Speed

If you have it set to always on you get:

# Argon One Fan Speed Configuration
# Min Temp=Fan Speed

Sounds to me like you are getting always on…

I have a custom configuration…same as I have done on my ONEs…


If my EON is below 45 degrees, the fan is off. When it reaches 45 degrees, the fan kicks on at 25%…and it’s loud…almost as loud as when the fan spins up on boot. I figured most of the time, my EON will be running below 45 degrees so I thought that having the fan kick on 25% to cool things down and then shutting back off wouldn’t be that noticeable. Unfortunately, when I tested this, I didn’t find this to be the case. To test further, I selected custom and just set one temperature, 30, and then set the fan speed to what I wanted to test (5, 10, etc.). I found them all pretty loud.

When setting up fans, I always try to make sure that there is no obstruction for a minimum of the hub diameter. Read an article way back that monitored air flow and noise based on a standard grill at varying distances from a fan. The lowest noise AND air flow was always closest to having the grill at a minimum of hub distance from the fan.

This worked for every fan type tested (this was probably 10 years ago). I suspect, but have not verified that the fan in these cases are not all that bad… its just the positioning. i.e. a new fan may not help.

That being said my EON is currently sitting in my 59 F basement, and no matter what I do to it, I can’t get the CPU above 43 C.

Idle - 34C/93.3F
100% CPU - 5 minutes - 38.9C/102.1F

If I build the gcc c and c++ compilers I can get the temp up to about 43C. When I first saw the fan position I thought about machining a hole for the fan, just mill out a circle. I decided to run the system and see if it needed anything, decided it does not. Might change my mind come summer.

If anyone is curious, I have used this fan: FAN6X1TX3 from Startech. It’s the same size as the current, but ball bearing and super quiet.

I’ll be ordering another one to swap out into this case and also ordering a set of PH2.0 connections to change it over.

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For anyone interested I went and bought the FAN6X1TX3 from startech as mentioned above and installed it into my eon. Some key things I think might be useful for others that are interested:

Removing the fan requires removing all the hard drives to get to the screws, no problem just FYI

2 of the screws I was unable to remove from the argon fan. They look like they were screwed into the plastic housing incorrectly and nothing I can do will remove them (luckily it still unscrews from the case). As such, I have installed the new fan with only 2 screws on opposite corners. Haven’t seen any issues with vibration or anything.

I paid some extra to get some PH2.0 plugs to swap it over but in hindsight I could have just repurposed the one from the argon fan to save some money. This is simple and I used a corkscrew tip to push down the little pins. I also cut the blue third wire as there is no need for it in this set up.

Finally, it has been discussed on this forum that it is preferred for the fan to exhaust towards the top of the case. Unfortunately, the startech fan will only fit from factory in the opposite orientation. I was able to modify the casing using the blade of a scissor and widening the holes the screw goes through.

TL;DR: the fan is slightly (I’d say no more than 30%) quieter than the stock fan. Installation is mostly straightforward but will require modification to the new fan housing and may have some issues with screws. Save your money and switch over the connector from the stock fan


Thanks for sharing. I just ordered the same fan, with hope is a 30% noise reduction. I may also consider fanless setup with SSDs because the noise is driving me crazy. It sounds like a Dyson vacuum that never dies.

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Hey there a little note on this, it is possible with a 2.5 disk only solution to place a 80x80x25 fan in there.
Sure its not a perfect fit, maybee a 70 fan would be better.

As you see in the image i could only use 2 screws to mount the 3d printed adapter and its a tight fit with a bit of an angle, but the case can be closed.


This ended up being my solution…using two of these and a little soldering…






Was there a noticeable decrease in sound? any increase in cooling performance? Did you have any trouble setting it up? Honestly the fan is like the worst thing about the Eon!

I’ve tired to use Noctua 80mm PWM 12v - and this FAN not working.

I couldn’t stand the noise of the stock fan and was easily hitting 65c whenever I left the sides on. So I created a new side panel out of an old IKEA container and mounted a noctua p12 on it.

Temps with fan on never go above 38c at full load and most important of all it’s relatively silent (the hdd spinning is noisier now).

I’ll need to add a dust filter for it. If argon made a side panel with fan vent I’d buy it.


Inspired by SJMartys noctua upgrade. Seeing a difference in temps on the HD’s by about 5c and it is like 70% quieter. I have the fan just running at 100% now all the time because I can tolerate the noise

Little bit of 3d printing and 2 extra screws that didn’t come with the fan/Argon.



My 3d printed 12cm fan holder under EON. Fan Is conected to EON fan pins . Regulation script Is work.

Hi @maxicek could you share your 3D print model and the fan wiring setup? Would like to try your setup for my EON, thanks.

Connected 3pin 12cm ARCTIC fan. Pinout = just two used wires (red) + to + and - (black) to -. But it’s already sealed in shrink wrap. I just reconnected the connector with a piece of wire from the original fan.
The 3D model is still a test version and would need a bit more thought and rework. I’m saving it for the long winter evenings. :grinning:


Thanks for the design. I end up connecting the 3-pin fan with a USB cable and plug into the back panel, no need to mess around with the original wiring, but the drawback is EON can’t control the fan speed.

Beware that that pin connect that plugs into the case can dislodge. It happened to me when trying to change the fan. I had to take dismantle the display box to reseat it delicately. Every fan I could try did not help with the noise anyway.

After installing. Ubuntu 20.10, the fan control script does not support it, so I just took the side panels off…CPU running pretty cool and quiet.

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Based on your comment, I printed couple of vent grills and looks like the cpu is running better.


I think that the noise is more the airflow route than the fan.

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