SSD's disappear after 1-2 days (file systems missing)

I managed to get everything setup without issues. Using RPi 4 4gb with 2x 4TB SSD’s. Using it as a Plex server and nothing more. I never got errors when I mount the drives, create a share folder, or setup SMB. Everything goes well. But after a day or two the drives disappear and OMV says the file systems are missing. How to fix this?

This sounds very similar to the issue I had with mine. I am using HDDs though, not sure if that makes a difference.

I posted this topic in April 2022 trying to resolve the issue. I setup my system to reboot every morning which temporarily solved the issue for a little while…

I posted this topic in December 2022 when I could not get the HDDs to stay online for more than a few minutes at a time…

I subsequently solved the issue by getting in touch with Argon and they decided my Sata Board was faulty and replaced it which has fixed all the issues.

My advise would be to get in touch with Argon and see if they can do anything about it. You might have to wait for it to get worse before they can diagnose it as a hardware issue.

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Wow thats exactly my issue. So I’m not the only one lol. When I reboot the system, the drives are recognized fine and everything works again. Next day their gone. I’ll have to get in contact with them since it sounds like a faulty sata board. So a new board fixed your issue?

Yup, Argon were really good about getting it sorted, they shipped me a replacement board within a few weeks.

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