Replacement fan

The fan in one of my m.2 cases is starting to make noise when the device is powered on.

Is there a recommended fan to use for a replacement?
I’m partial to the Sunon Maglev fans, but not sure if they would work with the software.



I’m also interested in other fan options.

I haven’t looked into it yet myself, but you probably could replace it with any 60mm fan of your choice. Just inspect the fans input power and pin specs (for variable speed control) before you buy one.

I think they are 3010 fans in the Argon ONE V2 and m.2 cases.
Not very big, tight space.

My apologies…I just realized that I posted this in the ONE instead of the EON subforum.

Have the same problem with fan. On start up it squeals for 2-3 minutes and then stops.
There has to be a better fan out there.
Did you get the Sunon Maglev fan to work successfully?

All I’ve managed to do is confirm they take a 5 volt 3010 fan.

The current Sunon maglev fans seem to be out of stock and have to be ordered in groups of 200 (digikey).
Mouser is not showing any in stock until late summer/early fall.

I am having the same issue with my Argon M.2 Sata case. The fan makes a grinding noise when I power on the device. I opened it up to try and clean it but it really was not dirty - it justs seems to be filing. I took some photos of the current fan to try and find a replacement. Has anyone found something suitable? Is there a Noctua fan that would fit?

Unfortunately the smallest 5V Noctua fan is a 4010.

I’ll throw my hat into the ring. I’m looking for a replacement as well.

Me too. The Sunon Maglev fans seem to be unavailable for now at least, and that is after hours of looking thru the web for one. ( or you can get one, but $70 shipping!!!) Obviously the supplied fan is a dud with so many people complaining about it… hoping that ARGON do an upgrade soon. It would be worth a dollar or two extra just to have a decent fan…