Replacement fan

The fan in one of my m.2 cases is starting to make noise when the device is powered on.

Is there a recommended fan to use for a replacement?
I’m partial to the Sunon Maglev fans, but not sure if they would work with the software.



I’m also interested in other fan options.

I haven’t looked into it yet myself, but you probably could replace it with any 60mm fan of your choice. Just inspect the fans input power and pin specs (for variable speed control) before you buy one.

I think they are 3010 fans in the Argon ONE V2 and m.2 cases.
Not very big, tight space.

My apologies…I just realized that I posted this in the ONE instead of the EON subforum.

Have the same problem with fan. On start up it squeals for 2-3 minutes and then stops.
There has to be a better fan out there.
Did you get the Sunon Maglev fan to work successfully?

All I’ve managed to do is confirm they take a 5 volt 3010 fan.

The current Sunon maglev fans seem to be out of stock and have to be ordered in groups of 200 (digikey).
Mouser is not showing any in stock until late summer/early fall.

I am having the same issue with my Argon M.2 Sata case. The fan makes a grinding noise when I power on the device. I opened it up to try and clean it but it really was not dirty - it justs seems to be filing. I took some photos of the current fan to try and find a replacement. Has anyone found something suitable? Is there a Noctua fan that would fit?

Unfortunately the smallest 5V Noctua fan is a 4010.

I’ll throw my hat into the ring. I’m looking for a replacement as well.

Me too. The Sunon Maglev fans seem to be unavailable for now at least, and that is after hours of looking thru the web for one. ( or you can get one, but $70 shipping!!!) Obviously the supplied fan is a dud with so many people complaining about it… hoping that ARGON do an upgrade soon. It would be worth a dollar or two extra just to have a decent fan…

I have four Argon ONE M.2 cases and had another fan fail…second one in about a year or so. It didn’t “fail” exactly but started making a lot of noise whenever it ran. I had a spare one from Argon that I got as a replacement a while back so I swapped it but after two failures, I was determined to find a suitable replacement.

I found some Sunon MagLev 30x10 fans with the PH2.0 connector on eBay for a very reasonable price. The full model is GM0503PFV2-8. I ordered five of them today. I will report back once I receive them but anticipate no issues as they appear to be a drop-in replacement.

I have no association with this seller but here is the link if any else is interested…


Thanks for taking the plunge on these, I’ll grab one too and report back - connector A (Black/Red) or B (Red/Black)?

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I selected the “A” connector wiring. Mine will be here Monday.

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Well, bad news. The connector on the new fans is a Molex PicoBlade but this connector does not fit the fan header on the Argon ONE board. Does anyone know what plug type fits the header on the board? At this point, I know it’s not a Molex PicoBlade and I know it’s not a PH2.0.

Here are some pictures…


I can’t figure out what this connector this is.

@joseph.zapanta, can you share the name of the connector used on the Argon ONE fan?


For anyone following along, the connector for the case fan on the Argon ONE is a two pin JST ZH 1.5mm. You can find a small “crimp yourself” kit with plugs, jacks, and pins here. I also found a set of the plug with wires for a “solder yourself” solution here. I think I may have bought the last one of the wire leads as they are now showing out of stock.

IMO, this has been a ridiculous amount of effort to locate a replacement fan with no help from Argon Forty. I have four of these cases and in my experience with them, the stock fan is not built for the long haul. Not having a suitable replacement available for purchase is a bit disappointing but choosing to use a fan with a connector that appears to be intended for LiPo batteries is a strange and slightly irritating choice that Argon Forty made.

Anyway, I like my ONE cases and will continue to use them. Maybe on the next revision of the case, Argon Forty will consider a slightly larger footprint so a 40x10mm fan can be accommodated. These are much more readily available and in my experience with my EON, quieter.


Thanks for all that information @SJMarty

Definitely not a simple drop-in replacement.

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I´m having problems with my fan as well. It shrieks on startup and has become rather unstable.

Today I tried a WINSINN Dual Ball Bearings fan rated 0.126A@5V and had to cut the wires, solder the original wire with the connector in place just to get even more dissapointed since the new fan is even more noisy, however more stable :slightly_smiling_face:.

Next time I plan to completely de-solder smd-connector from the pcb and just solder the wires from the fan directly to the pcb. That way I dont have to think about the connector.

With the connector out of the way: Which 3010 fan would be the best for this application? Is the Sunon discussed earlier the one to aim for?

Hmm… I think something might not be quite right with my fan. Not really sure what it is…



“Blade Runner” :wink:

That must’ve made an interesting sound when it came off!