Replacement fan

Hi there,
I just ordered a GM0503PFV2-8 fan, it’s not cheap transport is very expensive but I hope it will be less noisy. I use a rpi4 8Gb overclocked at 2 Ghz with an M2 box for amateur radio applications, I will keep you informed of the improvement, have a nice day everyone

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@SJMarty have you replaced the fan yet?
How would you rate it? Noise, fan speed control.

I tried replace fan with Sunon MF30100V21000UA99. Result is bad, the fan is much noisier than the original. Fan speed control doesn’t work (argononed.conf), it runs at 100% speed all the time.


It might be over kill but I bought fans for RC cars that fit perfectly. The down side is you need to solder the plug. Also it sounds like a hair dryer is on. Cools the Argon ONE down very well. If you are going for quiet this may not be the option for you. :grin:

2Pack RC Car Motor Cooling Fan Heatsink 28000RPM Brushless ESC Cooling Fan for RC Car 1/8 1/10 540 550 Motor (Black+Silver)

JST ZH 1.5MM 2 Pin Female (I did not need this many)

Hi @Bandits-69,

did it worked the GM0503PFV2-8?

I’ve found it on Aliexpress by 10$ and already ordered, but it will take one month to arrive.


Hi cgine
Yes, it works well but it has the same noise level as the old MF30100V1-1000U-A99. the test was done by ear, so I left the old one for the moment.

I find that my fan doesn’t come on, given that I have set the trip points higher than I used to. If you have noisy fans, you might want to do that and reduce or eliminate overclocking. I used to run all my Pi 4Bs at 2.147gHz, but what’s the point of the power consumption and heat generation. Mostly they are servers sitting there with low load-averages (CPU %) 90% of the time. The next iteration of the One case should try for a larger, more common, quieter fan. I’ll keep my trip points high.

I immediately upgrade my Argon EON to a thicker fan + bigger power adapter, its bit noisier but more air flow efficient to meet my needs also customize fan curves on/off time based on HDD drive bay temperature sensing.

If you want to stick with stock specifications & dimensions which is about 15mm in thickness, make sure to check 12Volt DC Fan 2-wire.

Here are types of fan technologies:
Worst Sleeve bearing - cheap quality translates to shorter life span.
Better Dual Bearnings - longer life.
Best Hydraulic Bearings - In theory longest life span above of all 3.
(note: some may call it Hydro, Fluid, Hydro Sleeve - all pretty much the same)

It seems like these replacement fans never come with right type of connector end, so you will need to crimp off the connector and transfer it to the new fan.

GDSTIME 60mm x 60mm x 25mm Dual Ball Bearings 12V DC Brushless Cooling Fan
Slightly more wattage demanding (upgrade replacement)

Liquid Bearing Lube
Few drop of this magic lube

I use Liquid Bearings and like it a lot.

Found a replacement 3010 fan on German Amazon for 8,99€:

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So how did the installation go, was it straight plug & play, does the ArgonOne control the speed, is it quieter/noisier, free from vibrations … ?

I’m interested because the fan in mine has a vibration when running, although I should be grateful that mine is actually running.

Very disappointing that they sourced such a junky POS fan and so many users are having problems finding replacements.

The fan fits perfectly! The only thing I had to do ist shorten the cable to approx. 4-5cm and use the old plug. The plug from the amazon fan has another form faktor. But it only took 2 minutes of soldering and maybe 10-15 minutes for the complete swap. Works flawlessly so far!

Thanks for confirming, I’m very comfortable resoldering stuff so I’ll order this soon. The fan vibrations are bothersome to me.

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