Raspberry Pi 5 NVME Shipping?

Hey all,

Has anyone been notified about their Pi 5 NVME case shipping? Specifically, either of:

Product description says it will ship out “starting January 25, 2024.”

However, I haven’t received a tracking number or any notification about the shipping at this time.

Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone get shipping notifications yet?

I also have two Zendesk support cases open for this question, each with no response.

My order number is: 4207
My case numbers are: 10451 and 10545

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Same here, I actually expected it to be late after reading other posts in here about late response from Argon40 support :expressionless:

As I write this, this is being posted :upside_down_face:

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Ordered one as soon as it became available, but have yet to receive any shipping info. Seems to be the case for a lot of people.I hope they will start shipping soon, or i’m gonna try and get my money back.

Not received any tracking too

My order number is 3875, and include
Full argon one with nvme
Nvme bottom to upgrade a previous case
The new Argon PSU

I didn’t received yes my pi5 (from another store) anyway… But got notified today its in the shipping process now…

So u was expecting to received the argon before the Pi5 (as it was advertised mid February)…it seems to be the opposite now… Lol

Yeah…this is getting silly at this point.

I’ve just received a tracking number, hoping it’s gonna be shipped in the next few days.

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I received an email on 1/19/24 stating that my order had been shipped, but no tracking information was ever sent. I reached out via email several times with no response, I’ve opened a case with PayPal. If I don’t get a response in two days, I’m going to initiate a chargeback.

I asked on Monday the 29th for shipping details and a tracking number. got a response within minutes with a tracking number telling me it takes 1-3 days for updates to show. there is still no tracking information available when I used the tracking from the shipping provider. clearly hasn’t shipped… asked again yesterday but still waiting for an answer… who knows when they actually start shipping… probably needed the pre order money first to produce the cases…

I sent an email to cs on the 31st, but haven’t heard anything back. The update i got was a standard shipping notification, mine hasn’t shipped either though. I’m gonna wait it out til next wednesday to see if a) i get a reply to my email or b) the case actually ships. If not i am going to attempt getting my money back.

Edit Feb 3rd:
I just received a tracking update, “parcel information received”, looks like something is happening!

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My tracking had its first update…
It now says “Parcel information received” and the from/to country has been set…

Got a reply, and they’re saying they’ve shipped it out. Will have to wait and see if that’s actually the case though.

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new update: shipment has been picked up… so it is on the way finally… just 10 days late…