Has Argon 40 communication ALWAYS been this poor?

I can’t get anyone to respond to my emails. Emails about cancelling an order. Emails about shipping status updates on another order already marked as “shipped” weeks ago.

I’ve read some excuse this saying “Chinese New Year.”

Yeaah… that’s in Mid-February (10th to be exact). We’re still in January.

Argon 40…If you’re reading this… you need to get your act together. Not sure if that requires hiring more people (or replacing existing help not “pulling their weight”), but something really needs to be done. I’m not to only one here complaining.

You should take a look at reddit posts regarding your service responses. Just a heads up



Try using the ‘Contact Us’ option under the Contact button. It has worked for me in the past.

If you are waiting for the ONE V3 NVMe case like me, then I understand your frustration. Am expecting mine to arrive this week or next.

They really are very nice and well worth the wait.

Have a nice day;

I have initiated all contact through that button.

Poor communication is a sign of a poor company. If they don’t respond to pre or post-sales inquiries, then how will they respond to support requests—when something isn’t functioning under warranty?

It may be time to bring this up with the Federal Trade Commission in the US, so that they can stop defrauding US consumers.

That would be nice, but they are:

  1. based in HK (I believe), not in the U.S., and
  2. they are a low volume-sale entity within the U.S.

Small potatoes. FTC won’t touch it (or care).

They ship from China with the worst courier possible.
It took 60 days to arrive in Italy when I generally wait from two to three weeks for my AliExpress items.

The case is very great and it worth the wait. I don’t like the lack of communication and the fact that they don’t explain it that the shipment comes from China even considering the high expense required for the shipment.

I think that they are not correct on this.

I paid $15 for the case and $15 for the shipment.

I’m pretty sure that they paid 2$ at most for that shipment since that is the price for such a small item with such a bad shipment option.

This means that the case is not going to cost you 15 bucks if you buy from them.

Try ordering from Amazon, they probably have it there.