Questions for Argon ONE V3 Case for Raspberry Pi 5

Pre-Order listing here Argon ONE v3 Raspberry Pi 5 case listing

Thread for questions relating to the new One v3 case listed for pre-order on the main Argon 40 website.


Is the Argon ONE M.2 Expansion Board NVME compatible with the ONE V3? (Raspberry Pi 5)

Argon ONE M.2 Expansion Board (NVME)


In the listing for the ONE v3 you mention an optional 3.5mm audio jack option. I cannot find a listing.

Blockquote * Enjoy using your audio accessories with the OPTIONAL 3.5mm audio jack via the internal DAC audio board upgrade (see separate listing)


What about NVMe via PCIe?


There would be PCIE NVME version for Argon One V3.

It should be available.on the last week of January.


From where is the screen?

And how about RTC battery?

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Can you create an order page for the NVMe versions of these cases like you did with the non-NVMe ones? Id like to place an order for the Argon One V3 NVMe.



As all user request those option with the ArgonOne V3 … i added my voice to them, as i already own 3 ArgonOne case (one with SSD), but as Rpi5 as those feature now :

  • PCIe Support
  • Real Time Clock Battery support (RTC battery)

Those option to be available in the new V3 case would be appreciated ! (and make sense).

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Hi @lijoseph, I agree with precedent posts, will the new case support RTC battery ?
And will the NVMe SSD be connected through USB 3 or PCIe 2.0 x1 port ? As we can see on your screnshots, NEO 5 seems to use PCIe, hope the same for Argon One V3 ! :slight_smile:

Argon 40 products are just so great, I personally own an Argon One M2 and it fits all my needs for a small Linux headless server :star_struck:

Click to see my Argon One M2 with Status Board Zero

Happy new year celebrations :sparkler:

Can you write more about your Status board? It looks amazing!


For those that have already preordered the Argon ONE v3, does Argon40 have plans to release a seperate NVMe base like they did with the ONE v2?

I, for one, wasn’t aware of the ONE v3 NVMe version until after I placed my preorder for the ONE v3 and happened upon this thread. Depending on your response, I may prefer to just cancel my preorder and wait for the ONE v3 NVMe instead. Cheers!

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Hi @S474N, as I am not sure we can publish links to non-Argon 40 products, just google it :slight_smile:

Here you can find a little resume

To sum up, it can be controlled simply with a Python script :snake:, you can check all you want, and schedule it in a cron job :spiral_calendar:: ping, TCP/UDP port checker, service checker (HTTP, DNS, everything!), and much much more.
Tutorials and examples are available on an official GitHub repository :file_cabinet:

If you still want more details, I can create a specific topic to not interfere with this one :writing_hand:

There is a video on YouTube from ExplainingComputers (channel) called “ Raspberry Pi 5 M.2 HatDrive!”

He tested the Pineberry Pi M.2 NVMe HatDrive! Bottom with a Crucial 2280 NVMe SSD on a Raspberry Pi 5. Video includes full instructions for setting up an NVMe SSD on a Pi 5 as a storage and/or system drive. That will come in handy later on :grinning:

Worth watching the video. There are definitely some issues to solve for access to the Micro SD card slot.

He tested the drive at PCIE gen 2 (supported) and 3 (unsupported), appeared to be stable at gen 3, it’s a large performance increase from gen 2.

Its definitely made my mind up to wait for a case with a PCIE NVMe based board.

It’s still early days yet, we need to give them some time to make a great case :grinning:


Absolutely! I tested Google, but nothing relevant info :frowning:

Looks like yes, altho either not for sale yet, or already sold out. Which would be a drag considering Ive been checking basically every day

Considering the current listings, it’s not for sale [yet]. Argon40’s customer service team is either too small or non-existant since they take too long to reply; if they reply at all, that is. It’s hilarious how the base ONE v3 is still for sale while every NVMe listing was instantly sold out in a day, if that. I reckon, once production normalizes and the preorders are shipped out, they might consider selling just the NVMe base for the ONE v3. It’s purely speculation going off how they handled the ONE v2 but nothing is for certain.

So I countered every day, even several times. Today it appeared there and immediately in the status “Sold out”.

And the question regarding the RTC is still not answered.

0kSlash32: I have already managed to find that board, I assume that the connection of the header is still the same, that is, it will also work on the RPi 5.

The listing should be available by next week. We Will start shipping the V3 and its NVME version before end of Jan.

Any idea when I’ll be able to place an order for the V3 NVME? I just got my pi5 and can’t wait to get it into the same style case as my favorite pi4 case(v2 M.2)

Very nice status board. :heart_eyes: