Power Cut After Shutdown?

I’m running 64-bit Bullseye on my EON (no OMV) and I have installed the customized temperature/fan control from @NHHiker. When performing a shutdown via the desktop GUI, my EON does not perform a power cut to the Pi. For me, the power cut only happen when the shutdown is initiated via the EON’s OLED button. All of my Argon ONE cases do cut the power to the Pi when shutdown from both the desktop GUI or the power button.

Are others experiencing this behavior on their EONs?

I am having the same issue with or without my changes…

Actually, I think I remember reading that in another thread. I didn’t mean to imply that your changes were the cause of this behavior. I am very happy with the development you’ve done and I’m sure many others are as well. I was just clarifying what configuration script I was running.

I had virtually the same discussion with NHHiker in this thread :slight_smile: .

It’s a niggle, but not a showstopper for me.