Power not going completely off

As it says on the tin really.
I have NHHiker’s version of the script installed and when I shutdown from OMV the Pi’s red LED stays on and a single press of the power button won’t boot the Pi, I been to do a long press to turn it off properly, then a short press to start it.

I also have an Argon one and have noticed a similar issue.

It’s not really a biggie, except now I’m trying the RTC and scheduled shutdown/startups. As the pi seems to standby, but not shut down, the timed startup won;t work.
I’ve tested the RTC and startup by setting a startup time, shutting down then doing a long press to properly shutdown When I do this, the Pi boots at the expected time, so I’m pretty sure it’s a shutdown/standby issue, not a RTC or power up script issue.

Any clues?

I have seen the same thing, with both the original script and mine. Looks to me like something is just not powering off properly. Have not narrowed it down, work has gotten in the way… lol!

I wasn’t for a moment implying it was your script, but mentioned it and the Argon One to emphasise it is a Pi issue.
Do you think it’s a board version thing?
I have 3 Pi4s and an trying to think if any exhibit ‘normal’ behaviour because I rarely shut them down.
A reboot works, just not a power off.

Actually I think it has something to do with power button control board. I have the jumper set to pin 2-3, so the system will power up if power is lost.

What do you have yours set to?

@phreatic I have also noticed this with one of my Argon ONE V2 setups (jumper pins = 1-2 Default Mode) that is always connected (via HDMI) to a monitor.

@NHHiker I don’t recall experiencing this with any of my headless Argon ONE V2 units (jumper pins also configured for 1-2 Default Mode).

@NHHiker 1-2, default.
@jamesgrace my others are an Argon One Mk1 (micro HDMI) which runs various flavours of media centre, Kodi, OSMC currently Batocera.
My other PI4 is a headless OMV system which the EON is replacing.

Google is (nearly) your friend.
This article seems to allude to it, but I’ve tried several combinations but no joy.
Raspberry Pi 4 shutdown not working - Raspberry Pi Forums

I can get the red LED to turn off with a ‘sudo halt’, but the Pi won’t start at the set time.
I’m guessing that the halt command is not as elegant as the shutdown in the script.

Thanks @phreatic, I’m going to remove this from my list of things to do… wanted to make sure that it was not something I did to the scripts (which is wasn’t, as the originals did it as well)…

Not really worried as I don’t shut the thing off anyway,