Online Assembly Instructions

Hi - just received and building my Eon NAS but the tiny booklet supplied on how to do this is too small for me to read easily. Is there an online version of this doc ? Also what is the usb socket mounted vertically on the SATA board for? I assume it’s so you can have a usb based boot device but could not find any reference to it in the booklet sent with the machine.

Try to start zooming this, hope it will help.
That’s download should be ok until end February.
jpeg zip of manual

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@Jonboy the vertical USB is for mounting a USB boot device.

I have an NVME to USB adapter with a 500GB WD Black NVME SSD in mine running the OS, etc.

Hi thanks for that - any hints as to which one would be suitable as Amazon has several !

if you go with M.2 format

Thx for posting this, but I can not open the file - neither on windows or on the Raspberry Pi OS. Besides, JPEGs are already compressed, so perhaps you could just post the JPEG itself?

1 I used 7zip to archive that
fr site is here
wich is available for windows, and there is pZip with linux
I suppose some “untar” appropriates comands should operate with raspi

2 What about a .pdf unzipped version ?
Link is ok until end of February
pdf version unzipped of rtfm_001

3 @JZap
I think all of us , people already here and future one, will enjoy a wiki to update and expand this documentation :slight_smile:


Great, thank you very much!

@subreptice Thank for for all the help. We will seriously consider your suggestion for making an wiki for Argon Products.