Neo 5 NVMe Questions


Longtime Pi 4 user just purchased a Pi 5 and the Neo 5 NVMe off Argon40’s site. I read about all the shipment delays from Hong Kong on here so decided to go the US amazon route to avoid that. When I bought the Neo 5 on the 6th amazon said they were in stock. 2 days later and it still hasn’t shipped. I also purchased the new Argon GaN 27W power supply and it has actually shipped. So now I’m thinking that they don’t actually have the Neo 5 in stock. Anyone else order it off amazon US without shipping delays from Hong Kong?

For an SSD I am thinking of purchasing a Lexar NM710 (2TB) from the approved list. I’ve read people have had issues with some larger capacity drives not fitting due to thickness issues. so I’m wondering if when a drive is on the approved list is it for all drive capacities, not just the small 256/512 GBs?

Finally, has the screw length situation been sorted out or should I start trying to source some that will be long enough to close the case?