Argon NEO 5M.2 NVMe

What is the screw type, size, and length of the four screws that hold the case together? I find they are too short! I barely got one thread turn in gauged on three screws and could not get the 4th screwed in at all! I am using the four longest screw, not the 2 shorter ones for the case top. Also, it would be nice if the PCIE flat flex cable could be a little longer. I had a difficult time getting it in the NVME carrier board.

Same here, I’ve raised a support request so they can send me longer screw types, my pi is just rocking around in the box because of that, and when i insert a usb drive, it turns off the system :smiling_face_with_tear:

Just want to reiterate this issue.

Bought two Neo NVMe cases and the screws are indeed too short. Luckily my box of spares had some M2.5 x 8 screws in which work perfectly. Supplied are M2.5 x 6 and are inadequate.

I found on my NEO the four flat-head screws were for the M.2 heat sink and the four round-head screws were for the case bottom. Make sure you haven’t gotten them reversed.

They are not reversed on my NEO. The round head screws are too short.