Issue with Argon One M2 after soft shutdown and power cut

I just got my Argon One M2 case today and have been trying to figure out this issue. Everything works great on it, fans regulate, double-tap reboot works, etc. When I use the 3s long press for the soft reboot and power cut however, it shuts down as it should, but then when powered back up it loses all i2c communication. At this point, the fan stays on 100% and the power button loses all functionality until I pull the power completely. After which, everything works as it should again until I do another soft reboot.

When I run i2cdetect I get the output below

After a 3s press soft shutdown, I start getting this output

After pulling the USB-C power and returning it a few seconds later, i2cdetect gives me the top readout again. Has anyone run into this and have any idea what may cause it? The power button functionality was a major reason I chose this case and it’s basically functioning like an inline switch on the USB-C cable at this point.