EON Spares Availability?

I had a few false starts setting up, including the fairly common fan speed issues, so was gently feeling for the fan to see it it was rotating.
Unfortunately, I wan’t quite gentle enough and broke a blade off. Sticking it on made it noisier as the glue I had was slightly flexible (at least I knew it was spinning :joy: ), so I took it back off - there are about 10 or so blades.

My question is, although the cases still represent good value, they are now a little more complex and expensive, so are spares available?

Hi mate

I can’t comment on spares availability unfortunately but I have replaced the fan myself with an aftermarket one.

There’s a few caveats which I’ve detailed in my reply on this thread: Alternative/Replacement Fan for EON - #5 by Strykr192

If you need one that’s a little better than stock I suggest going with that one as it’s cheap too.

Happy to advise if you need any other help too.


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Thanks for the reply, I read your thread and with mine, the noise appears to be airflow, especially with the sides on, more than fan noise.
I have 2 X 3.5 inch drives so am wondering if the need for cooling would be reduced if I had 2.5 inch disks.

It will reduce temps if there’s more spacing between them of course. I’m using Seagate barracudas (both 3.5 and 2.5) and the bay ones facing toward the centre run 5-6 degrees hotter than the other two which have space. Screws barely fit too, had to do those ones on the side which was concerning but has been ok so far.

In the end I had to run with the following config otherwise the fan would be on constantly:

$ cat argononed-hdd.conf

# Argon Fan Speed Configuration HDD
# Min Temp=Fan Speed

$ cat argononed.conf

# Argon Fan Speed Configuration CPU
# Min Temp=Fan Speed

Perhaps CPU temp can be adjusted further but haven’t run into any issues even playing 4K video over

I’ve taken one of the 3.5 in drives out now, so have one 3.5 HDD in slot 2 and one SSD in slot 4 (looking fom the front ) and temps are down.
I’d put both in because I had them :wink:
Fan noise is greatly affected by whether the sides are on or off, being louder with them on, which is why I think it’s airflow, not fan noise per se. It lso seemd to get a degree or two warmer with the sides on, which is not entirely unexpected.
I may try turning the fan off completely and see where the temps level out, but with both drives in and no cooling (I forgot to plug the fan back in when I tried sticking the broken blade :smiley: ), the drives were getting to 51 degC.