Argon V5 NEO NVME Not Recognized

Hello everyone,

I have both Argon One V3 Nvme and V5 Nvme. I’m using 2TB NVME M2 drive in my Argon One V3 device. Today I received the V5 NVMe and I put my second RP5 in it with the 1 TB Samsung Evo Plus M2 ssd. But V5 is not recognizing the NVME. Here are my eeprom details and config details:



I’m using the original Raspberry Pi 27W adaptor on both devices.

If I remove the NVMe from V5 and put it in Argon One V3, it works without any problem. Do you think the V5 is broken? I don’t know what else I can try? Should I start an RMA?

A quick update. I never thought this could be the problem but I replaced the RP5’s among the cases and the Pi5 that I put in Argon NEO V5 detected the NMVe. Could this be a broken RP5 pci port?

Out of curiosity, did the broken RPi 5 log out anything? Did you see errors in dmesg? Mine doesn’t detect the NVMe SSD but it didn’t print anything out. I took the box apart and assembled the whole thing again like three times.
I know I bough an unsupported drive but it really bugs me there’s no visible trace of connectivity of such a device on PCIe bus. I’d expect a total freeze or at least a stack trace in the kernel log. I’m simply not worth it.

Mate I solved my problem. It’s completely due to the EEPROM versions. What is the last long digit of your eeprom? I mean the version number?

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I upgraded it to the latest. According to rpi-eeprom-update,

segabor@bigfive:~ $ sudo rpi-eeprom-update
BOOTLOADER: up to date
   CURRENT: Fri Feb 16 15:28:41 UTC 2024 (1708097321)
    LATEST: Fri Feb 16 15:28:41 UTC 2024 (1708097321)
   RELEASE: latest (/lib/firmware/raspberrypi/bootloader-2712/latest)
            Use raspi-config to change the release.

I wish it could. But apparently didn’t.

Perfect. Now can you tell me if your SD card is also attached along with the NVMe? Or are you trying to boot just with the NVMe itself without attaching the SD card?

I boot from SD card to see if kernel can recognize the SSD storage and prepare for the switch.


I was wrong. For unknown reason, the boot order was already set to take SSD first.


It didn’t change anything.

Ok there is one more thing you should do while you have the SD card attached.

sudo nano /boot/firmware/config.txt

Go at the bottom of the file and under [ALL] add the following:


then save and reboot. (sudo reboot)

If everything is correct, after the reboot you should be able to boot from the NVMe. But if you remove the SD card, you won’t be able to boot again from the NVMe. The reason is the config.txt file you’re updateding is located in the SD card and that’s what makes the system recognize the NVMe drive. You need to do the same update in NVMe after this first reboot we just made while booted from NVMe. So the first time when you’re able to boot from the NVMe as I mentioned above, you should do again the same update but this time it will update the config.txt file in nvme because you already booted with the NVMe. If you’ll keep your SD card always in Raspberry Pi, you don’t have to update the config file in NVMe. But I suggest doing it.

So do the following again:

sudo nano /boot/firmware/config.txt

And add the;

dtparam=pciex1_gen=3 at the bottom under [ALL] and save. Now you can remove the SD card and you should be able to boot from NVMe.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Sigh … nothing changed. RPi 5 successfully rebooted from the SD card, no trace of SSD anywhere. And that’s my biggest problem. I can’t judge whether the SSD is physically disconnected (cable broken?), incompatible chipset, firmware issue or what?
Feeling lost at this point.

Well, this is getting awful. I ordered an NVMe SSD from another manufacturer and it just landed here a couple of minutes ago. I instantly installed and guess what … same no sh_t SSD was recognized.
It could mean two things: broken (or misplaced) pcie ribbon or the pcie port is already dead.

Maybe sounds like stupid questions:

  • Is the M.2 socket locked against inserting the M.2 in the wrong direction (up/down)?

  • Did you ensure that you have ordered an M.2 NVMe and no M.2 SATA?

They are not stupid questions.

  • yes, I bought m.2 nvme SSDs (Kioxia Exceria G2 and Kioxia XG8 drives).
  • yes, slot didn’t allow me to place ssd’s the wrong way. Each of them single sided, and the memory mounted side looked toward ‘up’ (me).

Which power supply do you use? I have seen in this forum, that someone have issues if they use wrong/unsupported ones. Additional I read about issues with NVMe detection with a RPi4 if the power supply seems to be unsufficient.

Hello again,

I know it seemed like you updated the bootloader to the latest firmware but could you please try to update it again with the method in this video? I also faced this problem but after updating it this way, the nvme started to get detected.

I’m using the official 27W adapter

I have not found any pictures from the inside of Neo NVMe. How is the PCIe connected? You talked about a cable. I don’t expect that you has made this mistake. But is it possible to put in this in the wrong direction so that the contacts are accidently not pointing to the contacts in the socket?

I re-checked it again. I strongly believe it’s plugged in the right way. Just for this purpose I watched several videos to double-check I connected the cable well.
But rpi5 still cannot recognize nvme. I must get another board to see if the current one is broken.

Update: received a new RPi 5. Guess what? No NVMe.

I’m 100% sure it’s something related with the bootloader.

I went through all the rpi-update and rpi-eeprom stuff, configured what I could. I’m literally out of idea but I feel I spent a lot of money on something not working at all.