Zombie process on install

There seems to be a Zombie process associated with the install. What’s the process for getting rid of it?

What OS?
What Process is a zombie?

Ubuntu 22.04
I didn’t get down to what parent by name. I did note though that it had two parents processes

Interesting (Sorry I read the message on my phone and stuff was cut off, should have known it was 22.04).

Anyway the best way to remove a zombie is to… reboot. Would be interesting to know exactly what process. When a zombie occurs it sometimes gets attached to the grandparent process, and when that happens there is no real way to terminate it.

I noticed when I installed Ubuntu 21.10 and 22.04 they both seemed to take much longer to boot than Bullseye.

The only I’d I can see is: [sh]. Reboot doesn’t remove it.

@jet438 I was seeing that same exact behavior (zombie process originating from the script’s python code) on Ubuntu Server 21.10 but after uninstalling the Argon version of the script, deleting any remaining related configuration files (in /etc), and then installing @NHHiker’s version of the script, I am no longer seeing the same zombie processes.

As of this morning, it looks like the previously mentioned zombie process behavior is also now occurring with @NHHiker’s version of the script:
Screenshot 2022-05-02 6.10.38 PM

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Looks to have something to do with the service launch, from the look of it a call out from the script did not shutdown properly. I’ll have to reboot 22.04.

Well, this is odd.

So I modified the argononed.py file to NOT start anything but thread 1 (deals with the button), No zombie.

Shutdown the service, disable thread1, and enable thread 2 (CPU/HDD temp monitoring thread),
restart service and … zombie.
comment out the two popen calls in agronsysinfo_gethddtemp and no zombie…

Put either one back in and … we get a zombie. The issue looks like a difference in platforms.

The zombie is happening because for some reason the system things we have not read the data from the popen, this the zombie is hanging around.

@jamesgrace, @jet438

Please uninstall the current kit via argon-config, and reinstall.

curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JeffCurless/argoneon/main/argoneon.sh | bash

Looks like one cannot use:

popen( command ).read()

As it looks like the pipe object is getting lost…

Also … just verified it still works with Buster.

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thanks for the bugfix, the zombie process disappeared for me with Ubuntu 22.04.

Regarding the popen command to get the temperatures.
I put some debug outputs into the script and we got no value from the read()-command. The command itself works to get the temperature.
If needed, I can test possible solutions for you to get a second validation.

Talking WAY over my head. My son does that a lot. Haha
I’ll reinstall this weekend.
And Thanks!

@NHHiker uninstalled + installed your latest release (thank you!).

:+1: Rebooted and am not currently seeing any issues (zombie process or otherwise).

Before I get into this tomorrow. Let’s run through the pre-flight.
Is it as simple as running the uninstall in argon-config? Or do I need to stop the service, uninstall the kernel module, run argon-config uninstall, and than rm /etc/argon/.?

argon-config → uninstall does the right thing and shutsdown everything first

You’re the man!!

@NHHiker @jamesgrace
Same here. All went well.