Windows fan script

Since a raspberry pi SBC can run windows WOR, is there or are you going to create script for the fan on the M.2?

We don’t have any official support for Windows. Sorry about this.


Windows 10 or 11?

Windows 11 is what I have installed on a pi 4, 8GB.

If I get some time over the next few weeks, I’ll see if I can generate one.

Very much appreciated.

Is this a legal copy of an official release Windows for Arm? I thought not. Unless it was released 5 minutes ago. I’m skeptical about Argon40 supporting hacks involving developer-only demo images, etc. I’m not sure it’s appropriate, but I’m a Free Software person all the way. I don’t understand people who need to pirate Windows when the good/better stuff is free. Still, the Argon40 team has an obvious bias to supporting hacking and learning, so there’s a prayer. Indeed, running Windows on a Pi will be very enlightening, if not educational. Make sure you pay careful attention to your stopwatch. What native ARM-64 applications do you need to use?

It’s a copy of WoR or Windows on Raspberry. Since the Argon40 case’s fan script was only written in linux (at the time of release, there was no WoR) I was wondering if anybody could write or point me to a cooling fan software for windows.

Hey Eirikur,

By chance did you used to work for DEC back in the day?


Hi Jeff,
You bet! NHHiker… I did work at Spit Brook for a while, but I was at PKO, TWO, MKO, and MRO… over the years.

Yep, glad to see you are still around!

I worked at LJO, LKG and MRO…. PCSA, Pathworks and others…

Jeff Curless