Where to find SATA M.2 drives


Picked up an Argon One M.2 and didn’t realize this only accepted SATA M.2 drives (shoulda read the fine print). I have an NVMe that boots my Pi4 fine with an external enclosure connected to the USB3 port, but wanted something internal. I googled around looking for something NOT NVMe, and while I find them, they appear to have two cutouts where the connectors are, and the slot on the Argon only has one notch (hope this is clear). The slot appears to match the NVMe pins on my NVMe SSD with one notch. The NVMe will go in, but doesn’t boot.

Should I just trust the process and get the SATA SSD with two notches in the connector? These seem to be difficult to find, so I’m surprised Argon is using this format. I see there’s a NVMe version of the base, but I’m already in for $50 and don’t want to spring for more just to get the NVMe base.



Amazon still sells them?


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