When will Argon ONE V3 M.2 NVME PCIE Case be restocked?

Please forgive me as I haven’t followed the development or release of this case. I had one for the 4 and just thought I’d order one for my new 5 I have coming in the mail, but see it is sold out. Is it getting restocked any time soon? Also, would be great if you could install a notify button for out of stock items.

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I would also love to know. The page shows “Ships out starting March 25, 2024” but that doesn’t indicated when it will be re-stocked.

I think they should re-name it “Argh Gone!”.

It’s back in stock currently

me too never got an answer so ordered them on the PiHut (restocked)

Looks like the standard model is, but the one with the nvme expansion is not.

Did not know they also sold it. Picked one up from them, thanks!

It was in stock last night, the window was just very small. Glad you got one from PiHut.