What Raspberry Pi4 version do you intend to use?

Just curious what size of Raspberry Pi4 people are planning on using with their EON.

I’ve got a spare 4GB pi that I’m planning on using with mine, but also have an underutilized 8GB model hosting my Plex server at the moment.

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Bought a new Pi4 8GB for this case.

For Plex and other Server Software.

I planned to buy an 8GB, but they are sold out here in Norway except for an “educational” store with an extra 30% markup. I will reuse a 4GB one for now.


I’m planning on using an 8Gig. Have several setup in cluster, so I’ll pull one from that.

I’m using the new 8GB version with the slightly upgraded CPU.

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I have a dozen or so Pi4 8G’s laying around. Sold a bunch and made some play-money

I’ll start with the 4G version, waiting for 8GB will return in stock in Italy.

I am using a Pi4 8GB I already had.

Will be using a Pi4 8GB that was underutilized in another project. Access to increased storage may demand higher ram depending on what I get into.

Couldn’t find an 8GB or 4GB anywhere in southern EU so I bought a 2GB for now. I’ll probably replace it with an 8GB in the future.

I’m going to use a 4GB version I have here .
I’m going to replace my Synology 212+ with 6TB. It’s a bit outdated now, and every update, it gets slower and slower.
I’m just waiting on the SDD NVMe and the NVMe to USB to arrive so I can install the SO on the SSD .
I’m still undecided on whether to use Openvault or TrueNAS.

The Synology also has a DLNA server, so, that’s a must. And also a torrents downloader - I know that TrueNAS has all that (plugins), but will have to further search on OpenVault !

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TrueNAS hardware requirements show that it is for x86_64 only, never mind the need for 16GB RAM (preferably ECC).

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Thank you ! I hadn’t really read the hardware requirements. It’s settled then. OpenMediaVault :slight_smile:

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I am using a 4GB Pi, it should be sufficient to monitor file operations.

I have a WD MyCloud PR4100 48TB NAS (used as a PLEX Server) it has 4GB installed and it’s running Raid 5 now. The only time it really uses more than 75% RAM is when it is transcoding a large video file.

I don’t plan on using RAID at this time, will use it as a SAMBA fileserver, until I can get 2-2.5" SSD or HDD’s installed.