What is the Argon One v3 price?

Argon40.com lists the Argon One v3 as $30.00 USD.
The official Argon account on Amazon is selling it for $39.00 USD.

At first I thought “Oh, maybe they’re just being sneaky and including the shipping cost that way,” but then I realized that the Argon One V2 is the same price - $25.00 - on both sites.

So what’s up with the price difference?

It’s very common practice for stores to bump up their prices on Amazon, as Amazon charge a hefty fee (%) to sell on their platform. You would otherwise lose all margin and makes the whole thing pointless.

Plus Amazon is the devil - support your local maker store!

Yes, Amazon charges commission and FBA Fees. This is the reason for the price difference.

Unfortunately my local strore is probably about 40 miles away!!

I would lcome local storef of any nature.

Why isn’t there a price difference on the Argon One v2?