WD SN580 NVME installation on the ONE V3

Hi all,

I have managed to mount everything (currently running on SD card and can see the NVME drive), but, I am hesitating on how to place the thermal pad:

  1. Should it cover the whole thing, but, since there’s no protection for those visible components, isnt there any risk of short circuit ?
  2. Cut the pad and cover only this large chip ?
  3. Cut the pad and cover only this small chip ?
    or cover both ?

Please advise xD

Considering the heat sink is the metal cover, the thermal pad is transferring heat from the drive to the cover for dissipation. I’ve not known any of these thermal pads used on the pi to be conductive, so I’m not worried about them causing shorts.

The thermal pads conduct heat. They do not conduct electricity.
Just place the pad over the whole SSD as best you can, and carefully clamp the lid shut.
That’s all, it is that simple.

it may be better to take the label off
Some brands are OK with that; and
some brands prohibit it and it voids their warranty.
So if you are thinking about that, it is generally at your own risk.

Search for any problems regarding WD SN580 with Pi5, and the case (Name and Model)… I’m unsure exactly which case you are using. There have been issues. And there have been remedies.
I do not know the current situation … so keep your eyes open! and good luck.