USB Nvme SSD auto eject

I just setup my Argon EON with usb boot from the usb nvme ssd, tried raspberry pi 64bit with desktop and lite, both will auto eject the usb nvme ssd. Tried to boot from microSD, no issue. Have tried to plug to windows, no issue at all. Wonder anyone booting from usb nvme ssd encounter any issue? Is there any power saving mode need to tweak?

I’m using a Kingston SA400M8, 128G and it seems to run just fine, no issues.

Kingston Part

What adapter and type of SSD are you using?

I’m using a ZEXMTE adapter with a 500GB Western Digital Black NVME SSD and don’t have this issue.

Seems like compatibility issue, i was using RTL9210 adapter and had issue, after i bought another adapter using ASM2362 and is working fine now.