UNRAID vs OpenMediaVault

Hi everyone!
Anyone thinking of using Argon EON combined with UNRAID? https://unraid.net/

Here’s a comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1pObW3-NPA
Pros/Cons? Any advice accepted

From what I have seen UNRAID is only compiled for x86_64 architecture so will not run on ARM.

I read something about qemu virtualization of Unraid is it worthy?

If not, what’s the best solution to create an off-line google photo and google drive?
Maybe OMV+Nextcloud?

For Nextcloud you dont need OMV as its standalone. OMV is more integrated into the System and can do stuff like partition and setting up drives and so on which Nextcloud is not able to do If I remember correctly.

Using both can produce problems if you have for example two Samba Servers on the same machine…but it can work as well but I never heard of such a use case till now.

Regarding Unraid. Its not worth you time trying this out. Even if the case is great we’re still talking about a Raspberry Pi here. And like TrueNAS Unraid is not made with a Raspberry Pi in mind. Not even talking about the fact that Unraid does not work on ARM :slight_smile: And adding an virtualization layer will only see your performance go down.


I’m pretty sure that was done as an April Fools joke. You can’t expect any worthwhile performance emulating an x86 server on an arm sbc.

I have an UNRAID server that has been with me for years now. Doing me well. But, given the Eon has to run on a pi, I don’t think virtualizing UNRAID on a pi is worth it. You loose a lot of performance, and you have more moving parts and software layers to take care of.

For my setup, I’m using the Eon with OMV (for now) as a second backup server to process and store some backups across my networks. This was something I wanted to be able to do (so that my UNRAID isn’t the only point of failure) and this fits the bill as a secondary system to run backups with.

Of course, works well with some extra functions with Docker. But, the only real advantage you gain from running UNRAID would be the ability to run VMs properly vs running VMs on a pi.

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