Unable to boot from NVME expansion board

I bought an Argon One V2 box with the NVME expansion board.
I started by installing raspberyOS on an sd card in order to change the boot order to USB and choose the correct bootloader.
The SSD is clearly visible when I boot from an SD card with the lsblk command.

I then flashed my Crucial P5 Plus SSD with an image of RaspberryOS from my PC then I reinstalled it in the NVME expansion board and removed the SD but could not get it to boot with the Argon NVME board. No display on the HDMI, the green led of the PI is lit without flashing
With another USB 3.0-> NVME adapter the raspberry boots correctly.
Have you encountered this problem before ?
Thank you.

I am having a similar problem also using the same drive. Might be a faulty board from Argon? I have no solution as of yet. What errors are you getting upon boot attempt to USB via the expansion board?

The issue seems to come from the compatibility between the crucial p5 plus and the nvme expansion board (only for booting)
I haven’t found any solution other than buying a new Samsung SSD… The crucial p5 plus ssd boot correctly with another usb nvme adapter. If anyone has a solution I’m always interested.

I had the same problem with the same drive and bought an Crucial P3 and it works like charm.