Ubuntu and Argon M.2 SATA Case

Hey guys, so I got an Argon M.2 SATA case to replace my original Argon One case because I wanted to boot off a SSD. Also picked up a TeamGroup MS30 SATA SSD off Amazon. I’m running Ubuntu 22.04 on my Pi4. When I put everything together, the SSD isn’t being detected by Ubuntu at all. I also have a M.2 USB adapter and have plugged the M.2 drive into that and verify that my desktop can see it. I also formatted it just in case it needed a partition to be detected at boot.

Nothing I’ve Googled or seen in the forms seems to match my problem. It’s not detected at all. Nothing in the syslog. lsblk / lsusb don’t show the M.2 drive. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks!

I’ve also checked using this Check If Raspberry Pi is Undervolted Or Throttled script and it doesn’t show that the Pi is being undervoltaged.

So some updated information. I tried plugging the M.2 adapter into my desktop and the SSD didn’t show up. Also plugged it into a powered USB 3 hub to see if it was a power problem and it still didn’t show up. Anyone else have a M.2 adapter come DOA? At this point I feel like seeing if I can just return it to Amazon and cut my losses.