TRIM supported?

Does somebody know which USB/SATA Bridge Chip the EON uses and if it supports TRIM?

I was able to activate TRIM for my RTL9210B USB/NVME Adapter on raspian buster, but using the same method (writing “unmap” to /sys/block/sdX/device/scsi_disk/*/provisioning_mode) did not work for the EON Bridge.

Using sudo sg_vpd -p bl /dev/sda the output shows:

Maximum unmap LBA count: 0 [Unmap command not implemented]

So it doesn’t look like trim is actually supported?

I used Jeff Geerling’s guide to check.

I think this means that your drive does not support TRIM. Mine does asking sg_vpd.

But thanks a lot for the link since it gave the solution to my problem pointing out that I have to set discard_max_bytes as well. My NVME simply has a larger value then the default and worked. But my SATA SSD needs a lower value. After I set it correctly it worked.