Tracking Info For Order

Hello Argonauts!!!

I made an order about 3 weeks ago and was wondering if there’s a way to track the order?

I’ve emailed support multiple times with no reply back.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Jeff, thank you for reaching out. We’ve recently updated shipment status on our website orders. Thank you for your patience and understanding on this.

Hi, I’m in the same boat. When can I expect my order to ship? It’s order# 4574. I purchased the BLSTR DAC with the IR remote. Thank you in advance.

This seems to be a problem across all lines of products. I guess I will have to use a DAC and NVME hat on my Pi 5 and not bother with a case if it is going to be so hard to get cases from Argon 40 that facilitate that. You never get an answer from customer service on status of rather or not your order shipped.