Tech support not replying

I have tried for several months to get support for an M.2 case but nobody replies. There are two issues and both have occurred since I first got the case. First, the fan makes a horrendous noise, and second, the M.2 drive is not recognized. Both problems happen at case power-on.

The fan does start working after the case successfully completes the boot.

When the drive is not found, a screen asking to download the OS image from the web appears on the monitor. I can get the boot to work if I remove the bridge, let the boot fail in the same way (unrecognized boot drive), and then wait for the “download” request to appear on the monitor. I then plug in the bridge. (The boot code appears to be polling for the drive to be found.) After the bridge is plugged in, the bridge is working and the boot drive is found.

Since both of these problems have been happening from the very start, I would hope that Argon would replace them. But tech support seems to be AWOL. This is weird since Kenneth was very responsive when dealing with my first case. Oh yeah, I gave up trying to get the power board on the first case to work, and just bought another. Why, you might wonder? Because Argon has the best case/fan product out there. I’m starting to wonder if the hassle is worth it.

So, how do I get tech support to reply? Do these parts fail for other people and not just me? Did Argon give up on shooting failures and just start selling replacement parts on their site? I really don’t want to spend more money on parts that should have worked out of the box. (Maybe if I buy enough replacements, I’ll eventually find parts that work. Lol)

This one isn’t getting a reply either.

Has anybody else had difficulty getting a reply from tech support? I mean, I could be the only one, but then, I’d like to know why my M.2 is not being discussed by the guys that previously were quite helpful. If it’s me, I’d like to know how I can correct the issue.

I’ve sent a Argon One v2 support question at 24 April and received a reply at 27 April:

Thanks for reaching out! We’ll check the requested information again from our technical team and get back to you shortly.

Still waiting for a reply.

I’ve been sending help requests (opened tickets and tried sending a note to Kenneth) ever since I got the second M.2 case, several months ago. I have never received a reply. It makes me wonder (especially since the fans are out of stock at the Argon store) if the company is dead. When discussing tech support, if a company is alive but not answering, it is the same result as being dead.

Still no answer from Argon support about non functional fan speed control Argon One V2 case.