Swapping Raspberry pi, losing files?

Probably it have been asked before, but I couldnt find it on forum.

I have HomeAssistant installed on my current setup, argon m2 with rpi4 (4gb ram).
For some reason, I would like to upgrade the rpi to the 8gb version.
My question is:
Do I lose my “files/configs” if I swap the raspberry pi’s?

If you are using an SD card in your old pi, make sure you move it to the “new” pi as well.

The only problem you may run into is if the “new” pi has very old firmware and you are not using an SD card. Then you need to update the firmware before it can boot from ssd/m2…

I see

Maybe I wasnt clear, I do actually using m2 slot, so there is no sd card.
So what I understand is, as long the new pi, runs the latest firmware, it should be problem?