Suggestion for RAID layout with 3.5" drives and SSDs

In the middle of setting up my EON and am currently thinking on how to setup the RAID.

At the moment I have two 4TB 3.5" drives and two 500GB SSDs. There’s the obvious choice of a two RAID1 volumes, one from the 4TB drives and another from the SSDs however I was wondering if anyone had looked at utilizing LVM and using the SSDs as some kind of cache?

Or any other suggestions on the RAID layout?

Jeff Geerling has a blog post (HTGWA: Use bcache for SSD caching on a Raspberry Pi | Jeff Geerling) on how to setup bcache to use the SSDs as a cache for the RAID volume.

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zfs. There’s a bit of setup, but it’s totally worth it. zfs is insanely careful with your data.
It doesn’t have a remote protocol so you can send things to it via SSH, or run zfs instance on your workstation and use the push feature to backup to another zfs.

Caveat: The only Pi I’ve run zfs on was a Pi 4B, 8GB, overclocked.