Strange power supply problem for Pi5 in V3 M.2 case

Once I had found out how to insert the PCIe cable into the V3 board I finished setting up the case exactly as instructed. However it failed to boot and I soon found out that it was a lack of power to the board…

I wondered if it was a problem with the 27 watt genuine power supply so I powered the Pi up again using the power supply for my Samsung Galaxy S23 phone and it worked OK.

I the used the apparantly defected 27 watt power supply to power up my other Pi 5 and it powered up successfully.

Why does the 27 watt power supply work correctly with the bare Pi 5 but not with the Pi 5 in the Argon V3 case?

What is the solution?

I have read some of the other threads but they too complicated for me to come to anty solution.

Can anyone recommend a 27 wall 5 amp power supply for the Argonone Ve M.2 case - lne that acryally works with rhis case and not one that should work.

Its a shame that Argon40 cannot provide software the works correctly the first time it is used.

The problem I have is not one of oncorrect assembly or incirrect installation of scripts as the setup work using a third party power supply. The only problem is that it does not provide sufficient power.