[SOLVED] Argon ONE V3 died suddenly and wont power on

UPDATE: to folks who are having issues with the V3 not powering on unless in ALWAYS ON mode or having issues with the power supply - try this:

  • plug, unplug the PSU, press the power button and plug PSU back in - according to Argon40 that resets the RP2040 and the power button should now work

  • if that doesn’t work, disassemble the case like you’re going to update the RP2040, with the top half removed and the USB-C connector exposed. Plug and unplug the power supply to this connector. And press the power button. Plug power supply back in. If the fan starts spinning, either immediately or after pressing the power button - the RP2040 has been reset

  • if the fan doesn’t work or nothing happens, set the jumper to ALWAYS ON. If the fan doesn’t spin - chances are the board is dead or faulty or there’s some other issue.

Got one of the first batches of the Argon ONE V3 NVMe. It’s been fine so far, powered by the official Pi power supply with a Crucial P3 NVMe SSD- it’s not a power hog. The Argon ONE died suddenly two days ago. After testing NVMe SSDs and power supplies - disassembled the case and powered on the Pi 5 outside - it works fine. So the case power button or power supply just up and died?

Anyone else with this issue? How did you resolve it?


  • it works when the jumper is set to always on mode, but setting it back means the power button stops working

  • also tested with Pi4 PSU, no luck