[SOLVED] Argon IR Remote - Can it Mute?

After days of playing around I finally managed to get the LibreELEC running on my M.2 SSD, and with the help of the two forum posts here now have the IR remote controlling Kodi … THANKS FOR THE TIPS!

I’d like to use the Argon IR remote to control the volume of my Sonos Playbar instead of the Pi4, but to teach the Sonos I need to push a “Mute” button which the Argon doesn’t have.

I’ve read through the argoneone-irconfig.sh script and it looks like there is no handling for MUTE, is this correct, that the remote cannot mute?

I tried setting up a learning remote but it didn’t seem to accept any commands despite following the procedure.

Luckily I also have an old Logitech Harmony 200 which was basically a spare but I was delighted to see that I could teach the Harmony 200 all the commands from the Argon One remote, as well as add the Sony TV volume/mute commands.

All good!

Just wish the Argon remote had Back/Play/Fwd/Pause/Stop, that’d make the kit perfect.

Story gets better. I have a few Intel NUC Kodi boxes with Logitech Elite Hubs configured with Intel D54250WYK, which controls those Kodis well.

Using the Harmony software I was able to add the Rewind, Play, Pause, FastFwd and Stop commands to the Harmony 200 by holding it near the Harmony Hub then assigning the commands to the buttons.

The only button that doesn’t work is the Pause but I assigned Play to both Play and Pause buttons as it basically does the same thing.

Pretty happy with how it’s all panned out.

Please see my new topic on this for a “mute” keymapping. It may need to be adjusted for your use:

Thanks for the info, I’ll get into it because I went away with my Pi4 Kodi last week and was annoyed that the Rew/Play/FFwd/Pause/Stop didn’t work … I thought I had tested these before posting.

Sorry it’s taken so long to start to look at this. Is the Micca device you are configuring the Harmony with called the Micca MPlay-HD? The Harmony app doesn’t like “Micca Media Center” or even “Micca Media”