Shipping Updates On Orders?

What is going on with the lack of updates for shipping? I have emailed customer service twice now for shipping updates and no one has responded to my inquiries. I can understand if the product is shipping from overseas to the US, but that’s not a reason to not give any shipping updates… At this point I don’t even know if my order has shipped…


Amen brother, I am in the same boat. I ordered a BLSTR DAC two weeks ago when they are in stock. They never indicated on the status rather or not it shipped. I have been asking about it in email and even calling them out on the forum like you have done. Crickets

The BLSTR DAC now shows out of stock in the store. I am going to be pissed if mine has not shipped by now.

We apologize for the delays in shipping in the past days as Easter Holidays was followed by the All Soul’s Day Festival in China, which disrupted our logistics operations.

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I can understand Easter and Festival, but those are things that happened this week… What about the entire week prior to that? I know I placed my order on the 25th of March and have zero idea when my order is coming in. My order number is 4996 and tickets 11965 and 12052.


I don’t know all the Chinese Holidays, but my order shows no evidence of being shipped in two weeks. I know I already got my orders from Pi Hut made around the same time. I regularly make orders from Govee that is in China. I also frequently order from Eco-worthy. Let me show you something because I very often order from China and do business there.

I am not some Noob at this.

I very frequently order directly from China and am used to doing so. I know what to expect and rarely am I disappointed. This interaction is a rare example because most other Chinese companies tell me when they have shipped. I ordered my BLSTR DAC on March 22nd. The order from Govee I showed you was on the 26th and was here in three days. I knew when it left China and it still beat the order I made with Argon 40. I like ordering from China and do it a lot. I am not new at this.

Even if I don’t use DHL Express and just use Standard International Shipping, I always know when the order has shipped.

I reordered the BLSTR DAC from Pi Hut. It is bullshit that it has not shipped from you as Govee mailed out to me from China on the 26th of March and I already have the order and it shipped in less than 24 hours. The order from Argon 40 was made two weeks ago on March 22nd and it has not shipped yet. No excuse for that and no response all this time. I have done international orders for years.

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It’s a terrible company. They stole my money and refuse to respond.