Selling EON Setup

Hey There,

This was certainly a fun project but realized I have no use for it really since I have a Synology DS already. Looking to sell for the right price.

1x Argon EON ($150)
1x Pi 4 Model B 8GB RAM ($75)
2x Seagate 4TB Desktop 3.5” HDD ($140)
2x SiliconPower 512GB 2.5” SSD ($60)
1x ANYOYO NVMe to USB adapter ($20)
1x Kingston A400 240GB M.2 SSD as boot drive ($30)

I’ve also reversed the fan direction as mentioned in other threads to ventilate outwards from the top of the case.

$475 USD combined retail. Send me an offer if interested. To save our time, I will not accept anything less than $400.


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Hey Matt,

What was the reason to choose for you Synology OS instead of an Open Source OS?

Hey there,

I’ve been running on Synology since 2015 and all my ecosystem is configured on it and I find it easier to use than openmediavault and it has better built-in functionality. For someone just looking for network storage, the EON and Pi combo is great and I’d stick with it if it weren’t for already having a setup