SATA drive not recognized in Argon One M.2 SATA

Anyone know if this drive is compatible or not? Currently not recognized.

It says it’s a b+m ssd but I am not seeing it in imager when booting from sd card or in fdisk as being recognized. Any feedback welcome even if it is that I am a doofis.

Maybe not the same problem at all but lets see.

I was in similar position as in I had bought what was clearly (to me) the correct SATA drive (b+m) but I booted from SD with SATA drive installed and USB bridge in place and no visible proof of existence of the SATA drive from command line or UI tools. It looked to me like the SSD drive wasnt there at all. But in the end it was there all along just needed initialising. This is with raspian lite (no desktop) btw.

What happens when you run the ‘blkid’ command in terminal or ssh?

It should show 2 partitions like /dev/mmcblk0p1 & 2. This would be your SD card boot/EFI partition and your SD card linux root partition.

For me ‘blkid’ revealed also an unpartitioned /dev/sda which was my SSD. It just needed initialising/partitioning with ‘fdisk /dev/sda’ and formatting with mkfs

So with ‘fdisk /dev/sda’ I created a small bootable vfat partition for boot/EFI (/dev/sda1) and a large ext4 partition for root (/dev/sda2). and a small swap partition. Not sure is the latter still needed but I did it anyway.

After that I was able to transfer the contents of the SC card partitions to their SSD counterparts (rsync).
Then I edited /boot/cmdline.txt (on the SSD EFI partition) to make sure the correct UUIDs were used for booting & mounting. After copying everything over this file obviously still contained the SD card partition UUIDs and not the SSD UUIDs.
Then I enabled USB boot with ‘sudo raspi-config’ (advanced/boot order).

After that I shut down, took the SD card out and then it booted from SSD.

I repeated the same with libreelec and while the setup is a little different there - boot/EFI is mounted as /flash and my big partition is just the user data partition mounted somewhere under /storage - the process was more or less the same.

Either way once I was up and running I was able to install argon scripts (libreelec version is slightly different) and after that everything was running just fine.

Hope this helps

There is an easier way replicating SD card to SSD btw.

So all you need is identify the drive with ‘blkid’ and use