RPI 5 8gb + argon one v3 nvme stucks while using ssd storage


I have recently bought a argon one v3 nvme case. I put 2 tb samsung 970 evo plus into it. It is booting from transcend ESD310 Portable SSD. The problem is whenever I rush my ssd (download and upload at same time) kernel becomes unstable. I use argon 27w charger and I followed setup instructions.
Also I checked google and found out there are some people who has some kernel message like me and they are using argon one v3. https://forums.raspberrypi.com/viewtopic.php?t=362729 kernel: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address.

I was using flirc case + pimoroni nvme base with same ssd. there was 0 problem. I wanted to have a fan for some processes and a clean setup. however I regret my decision…

Do you have any plan to improve ssd compablity issues?

Regarding the NMVe compatibility, this is not only an issue of Argon40. The firmware related part to mitigate such issues are in the hand of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Naturally there can be also some hardware issues, that could be an issue of the Argon ONE. Additionally the RPi5 is not certified for Gen 3, but only for Gen 2. At such high frequencies there are so many negative influences possible…

Do you have seen that the NVMe you choose, is only at the “Maybe” list? NVMe Base for Raspberry Pi 5 - NVMe Base

Can you check the temperature of the NVMe please, as soon the issue occurs?
Also please try that happens, if you add pcie_aspm=off to the kernel configuration line in cmdline.txt.

Please try not to exchange the 2 terms NVMe with SSD. Yes, both can be available in M.2 format. But this can be misleading, because SSDs not working in the NVMe base of the Argon ONE cases.

The kernel message it self, could also be triggered by a software bug or be an indication of a defective RPi. This single line is near to pointless without the lines around → provide full log.

If you just meant to stabilize the external Transcend ESD310 SSD, there could be an issue with USB powering. Do you have an powered USB (with a power supply) HUB, to check if the issue disappears if the SSD is powered by the HUB?

Can you please check your bootloader config and config.txt?

like discussed here: