Return of Argonone V3 M.2 NVMe case - not as advertised

I am in the process of returning my V3 case to the UK supplier on the basis that it not fit for purpose.

I have installed the Pi 5 and NVMe memory module in the V3 case.


  1. The setup works, up to a point, when powered from a Samsung Galaxy S23 power suppy so I know that it has been assmbled correctly.
  2. I have installed both recommended scripts and verified that all the necesaty changes have been made to eeprom settings and to config.txt
  3. The setup refuses to power up from the official Pi 27 watt power supply nor will it power up from a Gan 27 watt power supply which has the same pubished specs as the Argon40 GaN 27 watt power suppy
  4. I have one other Pi5 and a Pi 4. Both are not in a case and the Pi 5 is using the Pimoroni NVMe base with on board NVMe memory. Both the Pi 4 and the Pi 5 power up and work correctly from the two 27 watt power supplies, so I know both power supplues are working.

It would appear that further development work is needed with the V3 software/hardware but I am not prepared to do the testing process for Argon40.

I am very dissaponted with the V3 case as I was 100% satisifed with the V2 NVMe case I used for my Pi 4.

I do hope the teething problems can be sorted out soon, but in the meantime I am not prepared to to pay £48 on a nice looking but useless ornament.


The Samsung Charger though PD standard is not fully compliant with the requirements of the RPI5 of 5V, 5Amps (most phone chargers are just 5V, 3Amps even PD standard). The setup will work but you will get a prompts at boot up that you are not using a 5amp power supply.

We have tested the Argon ONE V3 with the official 27W power supply of Raspberry Pi and it is fully compatible. The RP2040 that controls the power button takes some split seconds to load, if the button is unreponsive just plug and unplug the unit then press the power button again. this should reset the RP2040.

as long as the HDMI-USBC board is seated correctly and screwed on to case, to ensure the 6PIN power connection to the board is connected there should be no issue powering up. Booting will be more of a function of the NVMe compatibility with the RPi5 and the software/OS installed.

thank you for the feedback, we’ll try to investigate further on your issues.

same here,
ref " * Boot your Raspberry Pi 5 from an NVME M.2 Drive. "
Very wrong. I tried 3 NVME`s all not recognised.

I have started RMA as well