Recommended Thermal Pad Thickness

I had to remove the original thermal pads that came with my Argon ONE M.2 when I upgraded my RPI4 variant, but the pads didn’t cleanly remove in one piece, so I need all new thermal pads. What’s the recommended thickness of thermal pads to use, or the thickness of the original thermal pads? I have some 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 mm pads to choose from, if that helps, but not sure which if any of those are good fits. Any downside(s) to using slightly thicker thermal pads than necessary? Thanks in advance for the help!

I just used thermal paste instead.

That’s odd that @slowhound had a tight enough fit on his EON to use thermal paste. I initially wanted to use paste instead of the pads but found there was too much clearance between the two surfaces. In fact, I put the paste on and assembled it and saw that the two surfaces did not touch. I had to use the included pads.

With my EON, I believe a 1.0mm would be the best fit. However, it’s tough to say for sure without taking it apart. It’s possible a 1.5mm would fit. I don’t think a 0.5mm would be enough to bridge the gap (at least on mine).

My vote is 1.5mm for the Argon ONE M2 case. Extra will push out the sides. I have not had an issue for over a year of use.

I agree with LDL. I think they design for 1mm but 1.5 will work and assure that everything is snug. I just reassembled an M.2 case with 2.0mm pad material and it wasn’t easy and made me worry a bit. I had a problem earlier when using copper shims and thermal adhesive. The pads seem to work fine.