Recommended hard drives?

Hey there, so I’m waiting for the Eon. The Pi is on my desk waiting. But I need to order drives now.
Any recommendations for this ?

I’m considering a pair of 2TB Western Digital Red CMR NAS drives to run as the main storage (RAID 1) and put some spare 2.5 inch HDD in the other slots.

Ideally I’d love to have all SSDs but that’s a lot of $$$.

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I have 2 WD 6TB Red’s currently installed in the EON. The were originally in my PR4100 NAS but I upgrade to larger drives. Works fine.

I have a single WD Red Plus 4 TB drive until I can save money or catch some more on sale.

As I understand the WD Red series is supposed to have some controls built in to handle spin down, but is that active on a System like this? I think I saw some controls in OMV to handle this also. Any thoughts?

BestBuy over the weekend (2022-01-29) had the WD Red 4TB available for under $90 each. I picked up 2. Still trying to get a good deal on 2.5" drives around the 4-5TB size.

/r/DataHoarder might be helpful if you’re looking to get higher capacity drives for cheaper. But if you’re not me with over 13TB of data on your Eon you shouldn’t worry about shucking X-D