Raspberry Pi 4 issue - screen goes to sleep

Hi all,

Trying to get a Pi NAS going. I got a brand new pi4, brand new SD which I formatted and installed the 32-bit OS Lite. When I connect everything, I see a bunch of checks on screen and then before I see the prompt the screen goes to sleep and there is nothing I can do. I installed the OS again (tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions) and I get the same issue. Since everything is brand new, I am assuming there is something going on with the Argon power supply… Any idea?

Which screen is going blank? Do you have a monitor attached? And a mouse and keyboard as well?
You don’t actually need a monitor. When you burn the OS to SD Card, and are using the Raspberry Pi Imager, you can enable SSH and set a password for the pi account plus configure Wifi if needed.

This will allow you to ssh after the pi boots.