Raspberry Pi 4 8GB blinking green after start and doesn't boot

Hello friends,
I got in troubles with my new Argon One M.2 case. I tried all forums, all tutorials, reinstalled my RPi many times, and still haven’t reach success.

Without RPi connected to GPIO in Argon case, everything works perfect. But when I connect it, RPi after start finish with green blinking and nothing happen.

I use Argon PSU, Transcend SSD (TS120GMTS820S), Raspberry Pi 4 8GB.
I tried both of 64-bit and 32-bit Raspbian.
Followed this tutorial:

Thanks for any tip or link.

I have just solved it. The problem was not GPIO, but broken HDMI shield.
So I solved it by removing this shield and connecting microHDMI cabel instead - pressed it into Argon case :smiley: