Questions about NEO 5 M.2 NVMe and pcie drives

I have been reading a lot about PCIe disk incompatibilities, and I would like to clarify some doubts.

Supposedly the NEO does not supply more than 1A (500mA x 2 pins), which means that all drives that consume more than 5W are discarded.

The list of possible discs and all their technical characteristics would be here:

I have the opportunity to buy the kioxia-exceria-pro-1tb at a very good price, but it consumes more than 8W, so I understand that it would not work in this box. It seems that in the ONE it is powered by the GPIOs. Would there be any possibility of doing this in the NEO?

Regarding the compatibility list, I see that it is “similar” to that of the pimoroni nvme module ( NVMe Base for Raspberry Pi 5 - NVMe Base ), but the incompatibilities come from the disk controllers? of the rpi firmware? Or does the NVME module intervene in the incompatibility? If the NVME module has an influence, can we have technical data on the NVME module that the NEO box incorporates?

I have some questions about the R/W speed. If we set the pci to the unssuported v3, it is reported reading speeds near to 1000 MBs!!!. but how does the speed marked in the drive specifications influence the speed finally achieved? That is, if I have a 6000 MBs disk and with the rpi5 it reaches 950Mbs, if another disk that has e.g. 3000 would have approximately the same 950Mbs or would it have half as much? How does the fact that the RPI only makes use of 1 pcie lane influence? Some drives mark 4x because they only reach those speeds on pci 4x ports…
It would be interesting if someone clarified this aspect.

thanks for the support

The NVMe controller is on the NVMe drive (stick). Hence why some drives work and others don’t. In a blog from about their M.2 HAT they mentioned one of the problems they had was a timing bug between the NVMe controller and the PCIe Controller on the Raspberry Pi 5.