Question about NVME Board for Argon case

Hello guys I am new to the forum.

I have a questions about the NVME Board for the Argon v2 Pi case. I read about slow read/write speeds people are getting. Have they been addressed? I just purchased the board on Amazon then canceled the order having read a post about the speeds.

I am kind of new to the pi and Linux. Right now I am running Twister Os on a 8gb pi, booting it off a 250gb Samsung Evo Plus NVME drive in a USB 3.1 10gbs Sabarent enclosure.The drive is of course plugged into one of the USB 3 ports. The pi is just in an aluminum dual fan case I forget the brand though many companies sell them. The pi is overclocked to 2147mhz the GPU at 750mhz. The forced turbo is not on. Voltage at 6. It runs stable and cool. I want to put it in a Argon case with the NVME Board to use as a media center still running Twister. Will my drive speeds be faster, the same, worse. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please pardon my ignorance.