Problem with connecting SSD

Hi there.
i got some problem with RP4B(4GB) to boot from ssd with Argon One m.2 sata Extension board.

SSD that i used :

it’s Kingston’s 128GB, SATA , B+M key SSD. but when i connect to my desktop computer(win 11), it can’t recognize ssd. Also i checked connection on linux(ubuntu 2204 LTS) but not recognized. So, I purchased another board but it still not working.
When i connect to my desktop, i used Ugreen’s USB3.0(A) to USB3.0(A).

what’s the problem with my case?

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I am having a similar problem with an Argon One v2 and a NVMe expansion board (and crucial p5 plus 500 go). I have updated EEPROM and boot order, but if there is a SD Card it boots from that and if I remove the SD Card it doesn’t boot at all.

I can see the drive connected and I even mounted it to /mnt to have a look. Everything looks OK except it does not work. Very strange and frustrating …

Thanks for any help !


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Hi Folks,

I’m having problems with my Argon One M.2 and 256GB Silicon Power SATA III SSD. Basically, the Argon One M.2 works on my external USB 3.0 Crucial MX500GB SSD but gives errors using the M.2 Silicon Power SSD. I keep gtting error messages that it hasnt been correctly ejected. Windows 10 sees it fine.

Any ideas how to get RPi OS Bullseye (32-bit) to see it has been ejected?

Update on this issue. I purchase 4 Silicon Power M.2 SSDs (256 GB each - long story about clicking too often) and none work on the Argon 40. I’ve checked using H2TestW and they are genuine. I’ve used a Crucial MX 500GB 2.5” SSD and boots fine via USB 3.0 cable. I can get Argon to boot from SD card but cannot get it to recognise the M.2 SATA III drives.

same…installed but will not recognize