Problem with connecting SSD

Hi there.
i got some problem with RP4B(4GB) to boot from ssd with Argon One m.2 sata Extension board.

SSD that i used :

it’s Kingston’s 128GB, SATA , B+M key SSD. but when i connect to my desktop computer(win 11), it can’t recognize ssd. Also i checked connection on linux(ubuntu 2204 LTS) but not recognized. So, I purchased another board but it still not working.
When i connect to my desktop, i used Ugreen’s USB3.0(A) to USB3.0(A).

what’s the problem with my case?

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I am having a similar problem with an Argon One v2 and a NVMe expansion board (and crucial p5 plus 500 go). I have updated EEPROM and boot order, but if there is a SD Card it boots from that and if I remove the SD Card it doesn’t boot at all.

I can see the drive connected and I even mounted it to /mnt to have a look. Everything looks OK except it does not work. Very strange and frustrating …

Thanks for any help !


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