Problem with argon one v2 video

I got the argon one v2 case and most of the times it works great.
However, I’m getting a weird problem with the video output.

When I’m plugged to a monitor directly through an HDMI cable it’s ok. But when I try using the same monitor but through an HDMI to VGA converter and a VGA cable it doesn’t show anything.
It also doesn’t work when I’m using a projector, either with HDMI cable or a VGA cable with the adapter.
Strangely, if I’m plugged to a monitor though HDMI (the configuration that works) I can get a video output though the adapter and configure it, it just doesn’t seem to work if I’m booting only with the adapter or using the projector.

Everything used to work before getting the case (including the adapter), so I’m thinking that there is a problem with the extra board that comes with the case and/or some configuration on the software or OS.
I’ve tried some solutions that I found online by adding/changing lines on the config.txt related to video/hdmi but nothing seems to work.

I have a raspberry pi 4 2GB ram. I’m having exactly the same problem with raspberry OS and manjaro xfce.

I really need it to work with the projector and the VGA cable.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.