Powers on for a bit then shuts off?

I just got my Eon today and was super excited. I stuck my two shucked 10TB drives inside it and a 500GB WD Black 7200 RPM 2.5" drive. Powered it on and it started to boot Ubuntu Desktop AAAND boom it shuts off. I checked to make sure the power barrel was fully inserted. It was… Powered it on again and… the same thing happens… Okay maybe the HDD’s are pulling too much power when they’re connected. I tried disconnecting the USB connection to the HDD’s and I’m ending up with the same issue… it stays up for about 30-40 seconds and then it shuts off… I’m afraid to keep doing this to my HDD’s as I have around 16TB of data on them and don’t wanna kill them. Is my PSU inadequate? Maybe I’ve got too much power draw? I wouldn’t think two drives would be enough but the Drives DID come with 2Amp power adapters when they were still in the shell so maybe they’re pulling 4 amps between them plus the 2.5" drive and the Pi and there’s not enough juice? I’m just throwing out ideas.,. Was super excited for this and now I’m feeling super bummed…

Additional information. I’ve built multiple computers and have a rather large amount of knowledge of computers. It’s almost like there’s a protection circuit it’s tripping and it’s tripping a breaker or something. I’ve had computer power supplies that shut off to protect components before.
Also for reference. Does the Eon provide power to the 3.3v lines? If so I’m wondering if this is causing issues b/c my drives are WD White label drives that don’t like power from the 3.3v lines

I’ve got a pair of 2TB WD Red Plus NAS drives in mine, plus a 500GB WD Black NVME SSD in the internal USB spot.

I also had a 1TB HGST HDD installed briefly.
Everything powered up ok.

I’m in Canada with a 120v system.

Could try the tape on the 3.3v pins trick to isolate the issue further? Have you tried to booting it without the shucked drives?

So I’m not quite sure which thing fixed it but I did a Rasbian Lite install instead of Ubuntu and I pushed the 12V adapter in harder than before just for grins and giggles and suddenly my issue went away… seeing as other people are happily using Ubuntu server I’m assuming my barrel connector MIGHT have been the issue? I thought I had it plugged it far enough but maybe not? fingers crossed that all is well now