POD Display: Basic Information & Resources

Could someone who works on the Pod System Team actually provide some basic information for the Pod Display?

  1. Complete GPIO Pin mapping
    A user asked for GPIO pin mappings a year ago and his question remains unanswered. Another user asked for the same info, no answer. Looks like the POD Display is manufactured by Waveshare, sadly they don’t provide anything more that the assembly instructions included on the POD system’s PDF that comes with the case.

  2. Better Driver. If we are to build fbcp-ili9341 to achieve ~50fps to ~60fps for Retropie retro gaming, which options should we build with? ILI9340 controller? . Even better, why not Argon40 provide controller info to the above project and be included to their list of display HATs?

Tested Displays

The following LCD displays have been tested:

  1. An updated installation script, the current podsystem.sh currently works with what exactly? Bullseye GUI images, and the button config doesn’t work. Where are the button trigger events logged or supposed to run from?